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One of the india’s finest company with iso 9001:2008 certification , having dedicated analysts and mostly sophisticated technology to assist valuable clients to make profit in this market rush.Our company started its journey on 2009 with small set of team now it’s having its own path and technique to get success.We are unique in this field,we offer different kinds of policy and strategy which other companies in this field has not yet thinked.Kindly look into benefits for further details. 


We are unique we care for our clients to guide our clients. we give attractive opportunity to use our services .we offer free DEMAT account for our clients and we will trade for them to make profit,simply giving tips doesn’t going to work,we help them to get profit by dedicated assistance.

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Why 1000stock

Investing in stocks is just like gambling ?

This reasoning causes many people to shy away from the stock market. To understand why investing in stocks is inherently different from gambling, we need to review what it means to buy stocks. A share of common stock is ownership in a company. It entitles the holder to a claim on assets as well as a fraction of the profits that the company generates.

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Many market advisors claim to be able to call the markets' every turn. The fact is that almost every study done on this topic has proven that these claims are false. Most market prognosticators are notoriously inaccurate; furthermore, the advent of the internet has made the market much more open to the public than ever before. All the data and research tools previously available only to brokerages are now there for individuals to use.

Fallen angels will all go back up, eventually.

Whatever the reason for this myth's appeal, nothing is more destructive to amateur investors than thinking that a stock trading near a 52-week low is a good buy. Think of this in terms of the old Wall Street adage, "Those who try to catch a falling knife only get hurt.

Stocks that go up must come down

The laws of physics do not apply in the stock market. There is no gravitational force that pulls stocks back to even. Over ten years ago, Berkshire Hathaway's stock price went from $6,000 to $10,000 per share in a little more than a year. Had you thought that this stock was going to return to its lower initial position.
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  • I knew nothing about stock market but with the help of 1000stock expert Mr. Guru advice now i can easily trade in share market with your tips . Thanks mr guru!.

  • I am highly satisfied with your services and I share with you that I have finally earned profit from your research, after having tried more than a dozen of research houses and ending in losses only. About 90-97% of your tips are correct as per my experience!!

  • Thanks to The 1000stock for providing such amazing calls in cash and futures and also for introducing me to safe trading in bullions & agri commodities. Now I trade in Bullions & Agri with the same confidence as I used to trade in equity market !!


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